J. Laser is a project led by Composer/Producer Jordan Lawlor in dystopian Los Angeles, California, fusing the modern means of electronic production & sonic manipulation with the warmth and humanity of the classic song craft & instrumentation found prominent in the eras gone past.

You may remember Lawlor from his previous tenure with M83. At age 18, he was drafted by the French Dream-Pop outfit as a Multi-Instrumentalist on the ‘Hurry up, We’re Dreaming Tour’, beckoning a perilous leap from mild-mannered home-schooler to archetypal rock magus playing Coachella, Glastonbury and Lollapalooza in a matter of months. 

He spent the following years with the group, touring globally and contributing as a creative asset, most notably on his ethereal, sovereign composition ‘Walkway Blues’ which was sited as a standout track on the band’s labyrinthine 2016 album ‘Junk’. 

Working as a collaborator with acts as varied as M83, Oberhofer, Mark Petrie and THEY, as well as countless cues for TV & film, Lawlor has cultivated sound that integrates a cinematic majesty an unabashed pop sensibility and seasoned musicianship.

After a short lifetime of austere studio contemplation and kinetic live performances, he returns to the arena under his own moniker, along with a small family of collaborators, Jamie Lawlor(drummer) and Laura Murphy(bass), determined to disrupt the mass hallucinations we call culture with a fresh and luminous pallet of sound. 

With his new project, the sonic thesis is best exemplified in the lead single ‘Waves & Blades’,a track that uses harmonic feedback provided by a stack of modular synthesizers backed by classic krautrock rhythm, topped with an urgent vocal decrying the modern dystopian climate of times. 

As Lawlor is quoted in WFNM’s blog “This track (‘Waves & Blades’) started the first day at a studio where they had this modular synthesizer the size of a small truck, we spent the entire day patching and plugging it’s wires until this massive, guttural riff came sputtering out of the synth that sounded like it was summoned from the subterranean depths of the earth! That sound inspired me to write a song around the concept of sharpening your inner truth and intention like a blade to cut through all of the oppressive algorithmic noise and fodder that’s left us all feeling so small in this strange new era we’ve found ourselves in.” -J. Laser